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Overview of websites


Links to resources on the inclusion of children with cerebral visual impairment:


Role of the brain/background reading

The Brain with David Eagleman


Assessment of CVI

CVI assessment kit


Direct colour assessment and more


Building success at any age


Three phases of CVI


Understanding medical information


CVI what does it mean common terms


Visual skills inventories


About cerebral visual impairment


Article on CVI and multiple disability


Article on supporting children with CVI


Cerebral visual impairment



Lectures on CVI

Ellen Mazel Discusses Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI)


Christine Roman-Lantzy: Cortical Visual Impairment and the Evaluation of Functional Vision



Charities and societies supporting children with CVI

The CVI Society



Ideas for supporting children with CVI

A day in our shoes


The big 3 tool kit for children with CVI


Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Systems for Students with CVI & Multiple Disabilities


Object schedule systems


Supermarket tactile book


Schedules and calendars


Literacy for Students with Visual Impairments and Multiple Disabilities


Simple books for children with CVI (Cortical Visual Impairment) reduce visual complexity


Reducing complexity in board books


Multi-step object calendar


Concept cards


Adapting daily job chart


Friendship and fun boxes


Using iPads with students with CVI and multiple impairments


Easy to create story boxes


Strategies for pre-readers CVI


Sensory activities


Developing learning strategies for children with CVI


CVI and adaptations for literacy


Play based experience books


Tactile journals


Toy bars and literacy


Itsy bitsy spider - Tips on adapting books for children with CVI


The little room


Strategies to see


Strategies improving literacy CVI


Developing learning strategies for children with CVI


Active learning boards


Object books


Object books and writing experience for children with CVI


Tactile calendars


Sensory activities


Sensory bags


The importance of ‘co’ in non traditional literacy activities


Visual Impairment with Multiple Exceptionalities


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